Environmentally Responsible

Environmental Policy

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance is an integral part of our business to support our goal of being a sustainable hotel. During the restoration and construction of Grantley Hall, we placed sustainability at the forefront of construction, and we have developed many innovative sustainability solutions to minimise the environmental impacts of our business. Our vision is to create a future legacy as a sustainable hotel for all to enjoy.

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Energy and Water

Grantley Hall has its own water source, which was discovered during the restoration of the main hall and is approximately 2,000 years old. The water is sourced from a borehole and provides all the water for the hotel, even drinking water.

As well as being the source of water for the hotel, we use an open loop water system to supply all the hotel’s hot water and heating. We take great pride in our unique water and heating system that can supply our hotel’s peak demand of 950kw with no fossil fuels.
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Kitchen Garden

Our very own Kitchen Garden ensures we can provide our guests with the finest Yorkshire produce and at the same time produce ingredients that are sustainably sourced. The Kitchen Garden is carefully tended to all year round by our dedicated team of expert gardeners who all share the same passion for sustainability. 

For external food supplies, Grantley Hall sources its produce from the local North Yorkshire area where possible, minimising the carbon footprint of our food sourcing. We work carefully with selected local suppliers to ensure that all meat, fish and poultry is ethically and environmentally reared – our target is to source within 50 miles of the property with the majority of suppliers located within a 12 mile radius. 

Local Environment

Nestled away in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Grantley Hall is surrounded by beautiful countryside and breathtaking views. We place the utmost importance on preserving the local environment and ensuring wildlife can flourish within our stunning parkland and gardens.

The hotel is part of The Skell Valley Project between the National Trust and Nidderdale AONB, which aims to slow water flow along the River Skell. The project will improve the landscape, provide more opportunities for people to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage in the local area, and enable the wildlife to thrive in the Skell Valley. 

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Our recycling strategy aims to reuse and reduce waste at all points throughout the product life cycle. As well as using traditional recycling methods, Grantley Hall has invested in new technologies to further reduce waste and to ensure minimising our impact on the environment.

As part of our food procurement policy, we focus on purchasing items that are delivered in glass containers with a view to reduce our consumption of plastic. We have also created an innovative solution to our food waste, where any excess food is sent to a local recycling plant where it is fermented and used to generate power for the national grid. 

It Must Be Now

Grantley Hall is committed to achieving best practice environmental and social sustainability, that is why we have partnered with It Must Be Now, a strategic partner of EarthCheck, the world’s leading benchmarking and certification provider. The EarthCheck Evaluate programme ensures that we credibly measure, report, monitor and improve our economic, environmental and social practices for a sustainable outcome. The Earth Rating certification is awarded after a rigorous assessment and audit. 

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