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Specialist Treatments Residents

Whether you're a professional athlete, an enthusiastic amateur or looking to start your wellness journey, our specialist treatments can provide a range of benefits from improving your performance to aiding rehabilitation.

During your stay at Grantley Hall what better way to take advantage of some of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the UK than by booking yourself in for a truly unique specialist treatment.

All of our individual specialist treatments are priced at £90. Click below to find out more about each treatment.

To book a specialist treatment please speak to our expert team at ELITE.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Our Cryotherapy Unit offers an immersive full body cold air experience lasting three minutes in a temperature-controlled chamber, literally meaning ''cold therapy".

Key benefits:
- Reduces chronic inflammation
- Reduces arthritic related pain in joints
- Promotes skin health
- Enhances mood and sleep quality

Session Price: £90
Dual (Couples) Price: £135
Combined with a Medi-Stream Massage Session: £115
Combined with an Electro Muscle Stimulation Session: £115

Electric Muscle Stimulation

EMS training applies modern technology to body conditioning. Unlike traditional workouts, EMS activates more muscle fibres at once, burning more calories, enhance sport performance.

Key benefits:
- 20 minute EMS session equates to 90 minutes of normal resistance training
- Time efficient full body training that provides maximal results
- Ideal rehabilitation tool due to zero joint impact

Session Price: £50
Combined with a Cryotherapy Session: £115
Combined with a Medi-Stream Spa Massage: £115

Underwater Treadmill

Our Underwater Treadmill smoothly accelerates and allows the user to correctly simulate land-based walking, running or sports-specific activities but without the bodyweight and joint impact an individual experience on land.

Key benefits:
- Provides added resistance through water jets for performance enhancements
- Buoyancy of the water decreases stress on the joints

Session Price: £90

Body Composition Analysis

Our TANITA Bio-Impedance machine gives medically approved accurate information for body composition. It is an excellent tool for monitoring peoples progress and current physical shape, muscle mass, fat mass and metabolic age.

Our 3D body scanner is a great tool to objectively measure our guest's waistline and muscle size to help track increases in muscle mass and fat loss.

Session Price: £90