Walking Guides

From looming limestone cliffs and craggy peaks to spectacular forests surrounded by vibrant green farmland, North Yorkshire and the surrounding areas of Grantley Hall have a vast array of fantastic scenery, offering some of the best walks in the UK. 

For those looking to venture further afield and explore stunning walks across North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales, please use the link below to find the perfect walk for you.

We also have a number of wonderful walks on the doorstep of Grantley Hall, which can be accessed directly from the hotel grounds. Walking in the local area is a truly enriching experience and a must for many of our guests.

Click the guides below to find out more.

Eavestone Lake

Explore the best of what nature has to offer in the beautiful local woodlands and listen to the tranquil sounds of the river Skell as it meanders its way through verdant fields. This walk will also take you to Eavestone lake, where sandstone boulders and crags line the edge of the lake, ideal for climbing or simply to admire these stunning natural rock formations.

Fountains Abbey Walk

This walk will take you through two miles of quaint woodland, following the river Skell until you reach Fountains Abbey; an ancient abbey ruins and World Heritage Site that is home to an awe-inspiring water garden.