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Restaurant Host

Fletchers Restaurant

Cabaret Part Time
Cabaret 40
Cabaret £8.91 Per Hour

We are currently looking for a Host to assist the restaurant manager with Operating Fletchers Restaurant to reach the standards outlined in the Procedure Guidelines.
The Host will also be responsible for assisting and supporting the Restaurant Manager in ensuring that customers experience the highest level of service.

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Key Responsibilities
• Take table reservations for internal & external over the phone. 
• Input correctly the reservations into the restaurants booking system. 
• Ensure that non-resident restaurant arrival calls are done 72 hours prior to the booking and these are logged. 
• Prepare the running sheets for each service and ensure that the kitchen and bar have a copy. 
• Prepare the daily report to send to F&B HODs and GM. 
• Be present on the floor during service times and circulate. 
• Ensure all areas of Fletchers, Norton Bar & Terrace are up to 5* standards at all times. 
• Be mindful of lighting, temperature and music levels throughout the restaurant and bar areas. 
• Ensure all menus, including beverage, are kept up to date and presentable. 
• Ensure team have correct allergens and dish spec sheets. 
• Greet customers as they step into the hotel facility. 
• Provide helpful and inviting environment for guests. 
• Answer questions asked by guests accurately. 
• Constantly remind servers of guests waiting. 
• Estimate wait times for guests. 
• Monitor guest waiting list. 
• Provide a menu for customers and explain the specials or allergens. 
• Regularly check the reservation book for next meal reservations. 
• Ensure that guests are being attended to. 
• Escort guests to their seats, provide them with a clean and correct menu. 
• Schedule reservations in advance for guest. 
• Ensure that all guests requirement are met in a timely manner. 
• Introduce guests to their servers. 
• Make contact with guests as they leave, help them with their coats and bid them goodbye. 
• Constantly, liaise with the Restaurant Manager and Head Chef.
Desirable Candidate
• Good management skills. 
• Good organizational skills. 
• Strong customer skills. 
• Ability to be flexible and to multitask. 
• Possess enthusiastic spirit. 
• A friendly and an outgoing disposition. 
• Smart and energetic personality. 
• Ability to communicate effectively. 
• Previous experience in related industry or similar role. 
• Ability to cope with challenging situations. 
• Ability to put smiles on people’s faces. 
• Ability to work as part of a team. 
• Possess interpersonal and problem-solving skills.