Kitchen Porter, Bar & Restaurant EightyEight

To Start In April

Cabaret Full Time
Cabaret 40 hours
Cabaret 18,138 per annum

We are looking for a Kitchen Porter in Bar & Restaurant EightyEight to assist in keeping the kitchen as clean as possible and cleaning dishes.

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Key Responsibilities
Carrying out basic cleaning tasks as fast as possible.
Collecting and washing up pots and pans.
Cleaning crockery & cutlery and ensuring food preparation sites are clean and ready.
Ensuring the storeroom remains organised.
Making sure work surfaces, floors and walls are always clean and sanitised.
Cleaning dishes manually and by using the dishwasher.
Supporting in basic food preparation.
Washing pots, pans and any other kitchen equipment’s.
Hold the kitchen work areas in accordance with HACCP regulations.
Responsible for maintaining the hygiene of the main catering areas to enable the delivery of high standard catering services in adherence with all health & safety/food safety regulations and best practice.