Grantley Hall opens LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42.1 Cognac
Thursday, 01 June 2023

Grantley Hall opens LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42.1 Cognac

Yorkshire-based five-star hotel, Grantley Hall, has been specially selected by luxury Cognac House, LOUIS XIII, as one of 13 locations globally to list its extremely limited-edition Rare Cask 42.1 decanter, available by the glass in the Norton Bar & Courtyard at Grantley Hall. 

The Rare Cask 42.1 will be available exclusively in the 13 “fortresses” between 1st – 20th June, after which the limited-edition will be released exclusively in retail at Harrods, where LOUIS XIII clients must apply to register to purchase the extraordinarily rare decanter. 

The Rare Cask 42.1 is drawn from a single tierçon from the LOUIS XIII cellars at the family estate of Le Domaine du Grollet and provides a limited number of just over 775 decanters, specially crafted from black crystal by Baccarat. Each tierçon is born from French oak trees that take over 100 years to reach maturity, enhancing the rich eau-de-vie flavours. 

The unique decanter is the third in the Rare Cask collection and it has been ten years since the last decanter was released. The previous Rare Cask 42.6 was issued in 2013 and the first in the collection, the Rare Cask 43.8, was released in 2009. 

Food & Beverage Manager at Grantley Hall, Monika Czop, said: “It is an absolute honour to be chosen as one of only 13 “fortress” locations worldwide by LOUIS XIII to list such a distinguished and unique Cognac as the Rare Cask 42.1. 

“The craftsmanship and history of LOUIS XIII is second to none and by allowing the Grantley Hall guest the chance to experience this alongside the other rare formats of LOUIS XIII, such as the 3L Jeroboam available at Grantley Hall, we elevate our five-star offering and further secure Grantley Hall as a luxury beacon in not just the north, but in the UK as a whole.” 

LOUIS XIII Cellar Master, Baptiste Loiseau, said: “A year ago, I noticed something subtle and extraordinary about a singular tierçon. It had been almost ten years since discovering the last Rare Cask, and then the gift from nature came. Rare Cask 42.1 has very specific nose and palate sensations that creates a perfect point of balance. 

“In order to discover Rare Cask 42.1, I listened to my instincts and favoured emotion over science. I called upon my memories. It took me back to my childhood and my roots here in Cognac. No other spirit can transport you back into the past and evoke such strong emotions as a Rare Cask of LOUIS XIII.” 

LOUIS XIII Rare Cask 42.1 is available by the glass in the Norton Bar & Courtyard at Grantley Hall as a 25ml serve for £2,250.
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